Our Cooking

At Holistic Chefs of America we don't follow the US restaurant industry. The restaurant industry works on an old dilapidated system in which the cost of food is directly affecting the profit margin. Adding the high cost of rent and labor, the restaurant industry is forced to use inferior conventionally raised ingredients and products. Inferior products that are raised on Hormones, Antibiotics, GMO's, Toxic Chemicals, Toxic Fertilizers, Toxic Herbicides (Dicamba), and Cancer causing Pesticides (Glyphosate). 

At HCA we have created a new healthier way of cooking. We aspire to live as toxic free as possible. We cook on cast-iron, ceramic, glass, and stainless steal cookware only. At HCA we don't use Friers filled with GMO-Soy oil or GMO-Canola oil, both grown with 2-A Cancer causing Glyphosate (Round Up). We either use NonGMO and organic oils, or we use an air frier to crisp things up.

Unlike the Restaurants, we don't use harmful cheap Salts and Irradiated Spices. At HCA we use only Air-dried Sea salts and Pink Himalayan rock salts. We also don't use Irradiated toxically raised spices. We either buy Organic Spices, or we dry and spice blend our own organic spices from scratch.

At HCA we love to cook with only the cleanest, organic, and NON-GMO Products. We also strive to cook in a gentle and conscientious way. To Bake, Steam, Pan Sear, Broil, Boil or Baste with love and care for each dish. We cook with some of the best SuperFoods and SuperHerbs. It is for that reason that we can say in confidence "Our foods are some of the Worlds cleanest, and densest, nutrient packed foods ever created" ~ Holistic Chefs of America

Step 1: Complimentary meeting at your home 

  • Contact us to set up a Complimentary Meeting at your home. This usually takes 1 hour.   

  • Chef Boyan will get to know you and your tastes. The best part about our cooking service is that it's Completely Customizable. 

  • Chef Boyan can accommodate any dietary restrictions, and or omit any ingredients like Gluten, Dairy, Meat, etc..

Step 2: Menu development for your approval

  • Chef will create a weekly menu based on your food preferences and health goals. This usually takes 1 hour. 

  • Chef will email or text you a list of menu options for you to review 1 day prior to the cooking session. 

  • You will select your favorites and/or suggest substitutions.

  • Each week you will receive new, seasonal menu items for your selection that meet your specific tastes and nutritional goals.

Step 3: Cooking Sessions are priced at $350 and $400

  • Chef Boyan will do all of the grocery shopping first, selecting the highest quality ingredients based on your likes and needs. This usually takes 2 hours.

  • Chef Boyan and will take all the groceries to his home and cook all your meals personally between the hours of 10am - 6:00pm   

  • Chef Boyan will then deliver your freshly prepared meals from 7pm to 8pm on your day of delivery 

  • Your Chef cooks up to 10 different dishes from scratch based on your preferences - Organic Complete Family Meals (French, Italian, Japanese, Persian, Mexican, Eastern European, Etc.) Proteins, Vegetables, Complex Grains, Complex Carbs, Salads & Dressings, Soups & Stews, Pies & Quiches, Desserts, Waffles & Pancakes, Tonics & Smoothies..etc., all made from scratch with 100% NON-GMO and Organic Ingredients. 

  • To place your order weekly, you can text your chef with pics of recipes from your favorite cook book, or you may just text a few main ingredients, and Chef Boyan will create a menu based on those ingredients and previously sent in 8 page "Food Questionnaire" of your likes and dislikes. You may be as detailed in your menu creation, or as simple as letting the chef create it for you. Perhaps you like a particular dish from a restaurant, and you'd like it to be Organic.

  • Chef labels each dish accordingly and your meals are packaged family style

  • With each visit, Chef will fine tune creations to find new ways to delight your palate!

  • Our larger cooking session ($400) produces 4 Complete Meals (Large Family style portions with 10 Servings each), 2 Sides of Veggies & Complex Carbs, 1 Large Soup (10 Bowls), 1Large Weekly Salad (10 Servings), 1 Fresh Salad Dressing (12 oz), 1 Proprietary Super Tonic (59 oz.), Plus 1 Dessert. 

  • Our standard cooking session ($350) produces 3 Complete Meals (Large Family style portions with 10 Servings each), 1 Sides of Veggies & Complex Carbs, 1 Large Soup (10 Bowls), 1Large Weekly Salad (10 Servings), 1 Fresh Salad Dressing (12 oz), and 1 Proprietary Super Tonic (59 oz.).

  • IMPORTANT - Cost of Groceries NOT included and varies from $100 for vegan/vegetarian dishes to $200 per week with all Organic Meats and Sea Foods.

  • Chef Boyan loves to save his clients money by shopping for Organic ingredients first at Trader Joes & Sprouts, and mostly Meats/Seafoods/Produce at Whole Foods Markets.    

How it Works

Recipes designed to Promote Health:

  • Healthiest Family Meals

  • Weight Loss or Weight Gain

  • Pre and Post Game Day nutrition for Professional Sports Athletes 

  • Anti-inflammatory (Cancer Prevention Diet)

  • Disease Prevention

  • Heavy Metal Detox Diet (Autism and other learning disabilities)  

  • Gluten-Free (Celiac Disorder)

  • High Blood Pressure/Hypertension  

  • Diabetes

  • High Cholesterol

  • Ketogenic Diet  

  • Paleo

  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan 

  • Food Allergy & Sensitivity 

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