HCA 45 Day Complete Detox Program

Legal Disclaimer - The following text is our opinion (Holistic Chefs of America LLC.), and it does not give any medical advice, nor recommendation. Please consult your own Physician/Dietitian before starting any diet or nutritional program.

45 Day Complete Body Detox - Holistic Chefs of America

Today in America we live faster and faster with incredible demands on our selfs and on our time. We are increasingly short on time, and it is for that reason we have lost our connection to the food. It starts with your connection to your farmer, your butcher, your baker, your dairy farmer, etc. As Americans, as a Nation, we have given our consent to Global Conglomerate Corporations, that make our food in an industrialized and profit driven way.We simply don’t ask how is our food produced? Where does it come from? And most importantly we don’t read the list of ingredients. Food Corporations are making increasingly unhealthy, profit driven foods, with no concern for public health. To this incredibly unregulated/regulated industry, we have to add the effects of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) since it’s introduction to United States food system in the early 1990’s.GMO crops like BtCorn, and Round Up Ready Soy, are foods designed to take massive amounts of Glyphosate which California Court has ruled is a 2-A Cancer Causing Agent in 2017. Today GMO’s are not only crops, but fruits and veggies like Papaya from Hawaii, Arctic Apple, Tomatoes, Squash, just to name a few. GMO’s are now expanded to GM Farm raised Salmon, GM Pigs, as well as all the feed to raise conventional Poultry (Chicken, Turkey), Cattle, and Pigs. Which means that if you buy regular milk (non- Organic), the cow that gave you that milk was fed GMO crops. What the industry is labeling as “Grain Fed” and “Vegetarian Fed”. It is important to mention that these are single ingredients that we are supposed to cook at home and feed our families. Lets talk about processed foods that are made with dozens of GMO and Toxic ingredients that you can’t pronounce? Not to mention some 8,000+ different chemicals legally used in the U.S. Food Industry.It is for that reason that our bodies get polluted with toxins. Simply put our body systems in charge of regulating our health, are overwhelmed with Toxins. Our Liver, Kidneys, etc., can’t operate correctly and are damaged over time. The statistics could not be more Alarming! The numbers are simple to see. Type 2 Diabetes, Cancer, and other chronic diseases are currently at epidemic levels in the U.S. In the early 1960’s U.S. Citizens were diagnosed with Cancer at a rate of 1 in 278, and today in 2018, 1 in 2 Men can expect to deal with Cancer in their life time, as well as 1 in 3 Women.This type of Food System also supports other industries in the U.S. like the incredibly massive Pharmaceutical and Health Care Industry (Sick Care), which are more then happy to sell you expensive pills, and treatments for your developing health issues.At Holistic Chefs of America, we take charge of our own health, by working on the underling issues that coz the disease in the first place. To preemptively create a natural, healthy equilibrium in our bodies, by using all Organic, Non-GMO, SuperFoods, SuperHerbs, and to feed our clients with Nutritionally Densest, Cooked from Scratch foods possible.


1) Always Plan Ahead - The number One rule in this Detox Program must be your readiness to succeed by being prepared. You only have Lunch and Dinner to plan for days in advance, as it is a good idea to also implement Intermittent Fasting Diet, to this Detox Program.Solution; Planing ahead with meal prep in advance, is an excellent way of avoiding Fast- Food Restaurants.

2) Say NO to Restaurants - The major issue with restaurants is the inferior cheap ingredients they use in order to bring profits to its business. As an example, restaurants are paying $1.37/lb. for conventionally raised Chicken. Not to mention the amounts of Fat, Butter, GMO Soy oil, cheap harmful Salts, and Irradiated pesticide sprayed Spices., just to name a few.Solution; Buy Organic ingredients only, and meal prepare everything your self one day in advance.

3) Water - Water is an incredibly important nutrition for human body. When it comes to detoxing your body, water is King! Your body uses water to expel harmful toxins, and free radicals daily. You must consume more then usual amounts of water in this 45 day program. It is recommended to consume at least 3.7 liters of water daily for men, and 2.7 liters of water daily for women.

4) Not all water is the same - Please make sure you are using only filtered (Reverse Osmosis System) water not just for hydrating your self, but for cooking, and in all your food preparation purposes. You can find this water at your local grocery store (Sprouts, Publix, Kroger, Whole Foods) at $0.35c a gallon. If your cooking with tap water, you are only concentrating Fluoride and other chemicals Water Municipalities use in filtering our water.

5) Deodorant/Shampoo/Conditioner - Underarm Deodorants, Shampoos, Conditioners, Moisturizers are full of Aluminum and other Toxic, and even Cancer causing ingredients. Consider switching to Organic Deodorants, Shampoos, Moisturizers, and Soaps. Its important to mention that the use of 10 minute hot shower is equivalent to drinking 3 glasses of Fluoridated water.Your skin absorbs these toxins while your taking a shower.Solution; Consider buying a shower filter, as well as Organic Bar Soap, Organic Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer at your local Sprouts, or Trader Joes.

6) Breakfast - The Trillion Dollar U.S. Food Industry’s favorite saying is “Breakfast is the Most important Meal of the Day!”. Back in the day we used to be an Agrarian Society. We used to cultivate and farm our own land. Such was the life before electricity, and Nikola Tesla. We used to wake up pre-dawn and start to work physical labor as early as 6am. If you find that your work day is physically that demanding, and it starts early in the morning for you, then a well balanced organic breakfast is absolutely needed. However, if your job and daily responsibilities are not nearly as physically demanding, perhaps its not a good idea that you stop by McD’s and fill up on 1,200 calories of nutritionally deficient, toxic, food like product.Solution; Skip breakfast and only have simple Organic tea, no sugar, no cream, no sweeteners. If you must have breakfast, you may have 2 cups of Organic Cereal with 1 cup of Coconut lite milk and water 50/50, or Organic Almond milk.

7) Lunch - Salad with clean Organic Protein is your best bet for a healthy lunch. Consider consuming 2 cups of raw vegetables, 1 cup of complex carbs, and only 4-5oz of Organic Protein or Wild Caught Fish for your meal.

8) Dinner - Your dinner should also be 2 cups of Organic veggies, 1 cup of Organic Complex carbs, and 5-6 oz. of Organic Protein or Wild Caught Fish. Do not eat 2 hours before bed time.

9) Snack and Smoothies - Snack’s in this Detox program are limited to 2-3 servings per day only. You may have 1/2 cup of Almonds or your favorite nuts, in between meals. Organic Fruits can be consumed raw or in a fruit smoothie. Additionally fruit smoothies can be fortified with SuperFoods like Raw Honey and Bee Pollen, Spirulina powder, Maca powder, Cocoa nibs and powder, as well as Raw Cilantro, Apple, Lemon, Spinach, Kale, Ginger, Turmeric, just to name a few.

10) Complex Carbohydrates - Your complex carbs should include Organic Beans, Legumes, Lentils, Wild Rices, Faro, Barley, and other Whole Grains as an important addition to your diet. Try using a Rice Steamer with additions of Golden Raisins or other Dried Fruits with Faro or Rice, a touch of Sea Salt and EVOO.

11) Coffee - Coffee berries are one of the most delicious foods for the pests, bugs and diseases coffee farmers face daily. It is for that reason that coffee bean is some of the most toxic, pesticide sprayed farm product in the industry. If you must drink coffee, then buy Organic and make it your self. Aldi has 12oz Organic whole bean single origin Coffee for $4.89. As far as this 45 Day Program is concerned, Coffee is out.Solution; Switch to Organic Green Tea for the duration on this Detox Program.

12) Dairy and Animal Product - For the duration of this Detox Program please refrain from use of Dairy and Animal product to a minimum. Instead of butter, try using Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO), or Avocado oil.

13) Exercise and Sweating - Adding a 30 minutes of vigorous exercise daily is the absolute minimum for this program. Your bodies natural protective response to accumulation of toxins, is to burn and expel such toxins trough sweat glands. Therefore it is imperative to take your exercise routine to new heights while in this Detox Program. Remember to consume plenty of clean drinking water.

14) Sleep and Stress - Stress from work and in our daily lives is unavoidable. Please take it easy in this program and keep your stress and frustrations to a minimum. Always strive for at least 7 hours of quality uninterrupted sleep nightly.

15) Spouse and Family Support - It is also important to mention your own Family’s enrollment and overall support in your Detox Program. It is important to talk with your significant other and your immediate family for their support of helping you reach your nutritional goals. You must make the right decisions over the next 45 days, in order to reach optimal results.

Wellness can really be achieved when you are armed with current nutritional information, and when you implement these changes in your daily routine. Consider this Detox as important as the Fast it self. When it comes to health of our bodies in the Western Hemisphere, the less calories we consume, the better.

Chef Boyan Trgovcevic, and Holistic Chefs of America, are wishing you all the success in reaching your Optimal Wellness!

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