It's Spinach time

Spinach is one of the superfoods we love to use at Holistic Chefs of America. Spinach ranks as one of the most nutrient-dense of all foods. At just 7 calories per uncooked cup, the dark, leafy vegetable is an excellent source of folate, antioxidant carotenoids and vitamins K, C, A, E and B-6. It’s also a great source of magnesium, riboflavin and potassium. While cooking spinach somewhat degrades its folate and vitamin C content, it liberates the antioxidant carotenoids, thereby increasing their bioavailability. Cooked spinach provides higher levels of vitamin A than its raw counterpart. Incorporating both raw and cooked spinach in your diet on a regular basis will help you make the most of all the vegetable has to offer.

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